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STORIES FOR CHANGE (SFC) is a UCLA Entertainment and Media Management Institute (EMMI) incubated, for-profit social entrepreneurial venture in the entertainment and media industry that has global potential and appeal. SFC conducts a high visibility competition to collect real life inspirational narratives and use innovative processes to leverage the wisdom of the crowds to select the best narratives. These narratives are then transformed into entertaining content by our creative experts and distributed through various channels such as TV, books, movies, etc. for consumption by end users. SFC also partners with non-profit organizations to develop and run campaigns that will enable consumers to translate their emotions into actions. Thus, the consumer is entertained, inspired and empowered to drive change. SFC generates revenue by selling licensing and distributions rights for its produced content.

SFC has recruited a diverse and experienced board of advisors and team members to run a successful venture in the Entertainment industry. Our advisors and team members have extensive networks in the entertainment industry which will enable us to execute our go to market strategy. Additionally, guidance from notable story experts like Dr. Lewis and V Prasad will enable us to select the best narratives and convert them into inspirational and entertaining content.
SFC as an EMMI, UCLA incubated venture will leverage EMMI’s extensive network in the Global Entertainment Industry (Hollywood and Bollywood) to execute the business plan.
SFC has launched a pilot competition in Gujarat, India with the help local volunteers and has started collecting narratives from people.
SFC has started building relationships with channel partners and production houses in India.
SFC has pitched the concept to Javed Akhtar, a well-known writer in India and judge of several reality competitions in Indian TV industry. He has agreed to serve as a judge on conditional basis.

Ami Mehta
Team Member

We believe in the power of entertainment. The entertainment value of the content will keep our audience engaged over time.

Our audience will connect with and be inspired by inspirational real life stories of people just like them.

Through campaigns, our audience will be empowered to convert their emotions into action and thus feel instantly gratified.

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