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Anup Marwadi -  CEO
3450 3rd Ave #204,
San Diego-92103, United States

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Website :www.hypertrends.com
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Computer Software / Hardware/ Information Technology
Service Provider
Description :
HyperTrends was formed in 2006 with a unique vision of providing its customers with innovative software solutions to address their business needs. At HyperTrends, we not only believe in solving a given business scenario, but also believe in making organizations realize their true potential by leveraging current technology to their advantage. We believe in providing true value to our customers

As an emerging software service provider, we understand the importance of maximizing ROI on our services. We are constantly learning and growing everyday so that we provide an unmatched service to all our customers. We have successfully guided mid-sized to large-sized organizations in wide areas of services including:

* Enterprise Architecture
* Team Building
* Skill Management
* Strategic Consulting
* Product Enhancement
* Product Development
* Offshore Operations
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.NET, a Facebook plugin for MyCollegeOptions.org

Posted Sept-2008: HyperTrends creates a Facebook plugin to enhance the user experience and increase the reachability of MyCollegeOptions.org across the Web. The Facebook plugin was completely developed using the Facebook Developer Toolkit available on Codeplex. ASP.NET and Facebook integration is made seamless using the FBML approach for development using the toolkit.

Architecture Guidance for Pacific Experts

Posted Aug-2008: HyperTrends provides WCF Architecture Guidance to develop mission critical WCF Services using the .NET 3.5 WCF Framework. Emphasis was laid in architecting the system for secure operations, flexibility and scalability.

Delivering Mailroom Application for NRCCUA

Posted Aug-2008: HyperTrends delivers the new High School Mailroom Application for NRCCUA. The app originally written in FoxPro was completely converted into ASP.NET to enhance the User experience. New features were completely developed by HyperTrends Offshore Development team with minimal guidance from US counterparts.

MyCollegeOptions.org gets new features!

Posted Sept 1, 2007: NRCCUA chooses HyperTrends to assist them in the development effort for their premier product My College Options. HyperTrends will assist NRCCUA in the following areas: Project Management/.NET Consulting Services Shopping Cart Development ASP.NET - Web2.0 Integration (Blog, Facebook, Virtual Earth) Quality Assurance Services (Testing Services) AJAX Integration HyperTrends has also provided it's web design services for NRCCUA's High School Order Management System

Silverlight Initiative

Posted July 30,2007: Microsoft® Silverlight™ is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. HyperTrends announces it's commitment to Silverlight development.

HyperTrends delivers MOKANTheft.org

Posted Nov 30,2006: MOKANTheft.org is a web application developed using ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. It allows police officers to track and manage stolen items in the Missouri (MO) and the Kansas (KAN) area. HyperTrends successfully prototyped the entire application from concept to release using Microsoft's ASP.NET and it's AJAX (or then called ATLAS) technology.


Anup Marwadi

Sean Green
Latest News

MyCollegeOptions.org gets new features!
Posted Sept 10, 2008 HyperTrends uses Linq 2 Sql and LINQ technology for its latest development effort for the College Resources section @ MyCollegeOptions.org. Dependency Injection using Unity Application Block. The rewards are numerous. Our development time and effort has gone down, and there is zero performance degradation.

Silverlight 2.0 and DeepZoom
Posted Sept 1,2008: HyperTrends continues its support for Silverlight2.0 and DeepZoom. We are your one-stop-shop for all Silverlight Web Applications in the San Diego and Orange County region. Read our upcoming blogs on how Silverlight can greatly enhance user experience
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