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Busybric Developers Pvt. Ltd
Ashish Puntambekar -  Project Visualizer
104, Parshudhar Building,Plot No. 5, Sector 25,Nerul(East)
Mumbai-400706, India

Phone :+91-022-27707623
Mobile :+91-9867612368


Construction and Building Materials
Service Provider , Manufacturer
Description :
BusyBric is a next generation infrastructure concept, design and implementation company which seeks to bring totally new ideas to the Infrastructure business in India. Our projects will also employ existing best practices in the infrastructure industry from around the world, to deliver projects and infrastructure services at a price that is affordable to the masses.

There are two distinct business units within the firm:The first is our consulting division. Since we have considerable experience in conceptualizing very large projects , our consulting team focuses on marco solutions and works with the Central and state governments and with multilateral agencies and financial institutions.The second business unit is the Boutique projects group that works on the development and execution of small concept projects in the core areas of Urban development, education, and healthcare.
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BusyBric seeks to bring together people with diverse skills who while working in a very informal environment are still very focused on delivering quality work.We seek to innovate at the project level where most of the value is added to any large new scheme . Our target employee therefore is expected to have the necessary credentials and a good academic record.


We design projects in a way that maintains the integrity of natural systems while enhancing the quality of life. Large projects sometimes involve big changes to the surroundings and therefore while there are bound to be environmental effects, it is possible to greatly minimize these effects and to do so at a cost acceptable to the project sponsors

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