Parichay Advertising
Suneel Agarwal -  Suneel Agarwal
103, Wadala Udyog Bhavan, Dadar (E)
Mumbai-400031, India

Phone :+91-22-24123680 / 24114952

Fax :+91-22-24145561

Advertising, Marketing and Sales, Trade promotion
Service Provider
Description :
Established in 1984, Parichay Advertising is the outcome of the coming together of a team of young professionals interested in creative and result oriented advertising.The Parichay team serves the needs of advertisers with responsibility and commitment, bringing polish and finesse into all the diverse functions of advertising, marketing, promotions and events.
At Parichay, every account or assignment is important. Every client gets the personalized attention of out senior management, no matter what the size of the account or what the duration of the engagement. We work closely with our clients, never losing sight of their expectations as we draw up our strategies, present the budgets and execute the design.

What make us tick

• 20 Years Experience
In the 20 years of its existence, Parichay has handled probably every activity under the advertising umbrella. From mainstream advertising to print, packaging, events and identity design - Parichay has the experience, the people and the technology to deliver stunning results in any of these areas.• Our Core Competency
Our core competency is in below-the-line activities. Over the last ten years we have gained valuable insight and experience in this area and today, below-the-line campaigns form the core activities of the organization.
More so, the last ten years have been devoted to specialising in below the line activities, which now form the core activities of the organisation.
Being consciously aware of the future competitive marketing environment nations across the world, Parichay has developed into a Web & Multimedia a one stop solution.
• The Total Solutions Advantage
Parichay delivers end-to-end solutions for any assignments. Whatever the requirement, we see it through - from ideation to execution. The Total Solutions approach enables our client to:
» Save time
» Avoid the hassles of execution
» Maintain a uniform look and a strong corporate identity across the communication
» Standardize the design and execution of the job
In short, Parichay is a One-Stop-Shop for effective creative solutions and total design.
• Our Hands-on Approach
In regular business creative solutions come from people and we have found them better and easier to come by during our personal interaction with clients. With years of relevant experience and knowledge of various materials and processes in the industry, we have found understanding the clients' requirements and offering creative solutions a satisfying experience.
• Quick Turnarounds
Understanding the clients' time frames and showing sensitivity to these requirements enables us to respond fast and effectively to meet deadlines.
Our professional and talented specialist designers consistently impress clients at the tightest deadlines of Print, Exhibition, Event, Web, Flash & PowerPoint presentations and interactive demos.



Suneel Agarwal
Suneel Agarwal




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