HitPlay Devices Pvt.Ltd.
Champ Alreja -  Director
Santacruz (W)
Mumbai-400054, India

Email :connect@hitplay.in
Website :www.hitplay.in
Phone :+91-22-26052297


Electric and Electronic components and supplies
Distributor / Wholesaler
Description :
Welcome to HitPlay. A gadgets and specialty lifestyle electronics retail organization inspired by a need to innovate and ‘enhance the way we function’. Love it, hate it but you just can’t live without it. Technology today has become omnipresent and thrives when you can simply ‘enable’ it. Precisely the mission and main motivating factor behind HitPlay.
Customer's Feedback

"Excellent Product. Mind Blowing. A+++++++"
"Fantastic item. Rather unique. Looks wonderful once music n batteries r on."
"Prompt shipment and answers to qsns abt product."
Who are we ?

A team of young professionals from diverse backgrounds interested in a simple cause. We bring our dreams to work everyday and make it play.

- To execute successfully.
- To win.
- To press or push a key or button.

- To occupy oneself in amusement, sport or other recreation.
- To emit sound or be sounded in performance.
- To move quickly.

- A contrivance or an invention serving a particular purpose, especially a machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks.
News / Press

Clocky - It's an alarm clock with wheels! It shrieks annoyingly and jumps off your night stand at the set time, making random turns and chasing away from your grasp. The clincher. You don't have an option but to get off the bed and hunt the li'l bugger down to shut it off.

What? Speaker Bag from HitPlay. The bag is a great portable accessory that keeps you connected to your favourite MP3 playlist whenever you are on the go.


Shopper's Stop


Music World


Jumbo Electronics

HitPlay Flagships

Rhythm House, Mumbai






Customised Service

Like any of our lifestyle products?

Maybe, we can customize them for you to carry your corporate identity. We can also make products to suit your requirements.
Retail, Distribution & Trade

Since its inception in early 2008, HitPlay has signed with over 130 retail outlets in India in the following formats:Shop in Shop,In-store gadget dispenser,e-tailer,HitPlay Store.
The Good News! We are yet on the lookout for increasing our business across India. And, if you are a retailer, etailer, distributor, store owner, franchisee, corporate buyer, serious ideator or someone interested in our company, do drop us a line with your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.
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